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Welcome, and who I am, even though you already know me.

Welcome everyone! Yes, I know, I am a geek. Some of us old band geeks never die (we just smell that way--thanks to multiple band camps). Feel free to talk about whatever you want in here! Introduce yourself, say what you are up to now (as if where you are going to school, or if you are still at South, or are a republican juggler who rides a unicycle to work). Feel free to discuss whatever you really want to. LIGHT IT UP!
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Yeah, I'm not going to join, but I will drop by periodically to make guest appearances. Enjoy!
How the hell do you get on one of these anyway??
Just add it to your buddy list, as if it were a person! :-D
Well, I added it after all. Does this mean I can only post replies to Levi's posts? That sorta sucks, if so, b/c I want to announce:

GUARD (& BITCHES) PARTY Saturday 7/31 at my house in Indy. Times and directions to come. Only need a ride up, $$ for your ride, and approx $5 to pitch in for food. And, if you're under 18, your parentals must know it's co-ed. Peace.
yes, indeed . i am in the bhs colorguard. I will join, and i will post as much as you respond. so respond! :D

well actually, i have no idea which BHS YOU are in, i am in benicia, but guard is cool either way...
(oops, didnt mean to subject the last as 7/31 - o well)
also wanted to add as coincience that benicia's mascot is a panther...