Righteous Patriot (a_cute_took) wrote in bhss_band_guard,
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I'm not going to make it Friday either.

Ben Graves is getting back from his two months in Europe on Tuesday and he sent me an e-mail saying "lets grab some pizza and hit up the Marching Band". At first I told him that I have plans. But since Sara can't make it Friday, I'm going to go ahead and say yes. I <3 you two (Levi and Jason) like brothers, but I haven't seen Ben in forever and I really miss my favorite Liberal. I'll probably be at the game, but I'll probably be hanging with Ben and other people.

Honestly, I wouldn't have done this, but I haven't seen him...and I really need to talk to him. And I'm almost sure Melissa will be there and the three of us need to talk.

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