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The First Performance

So I went to the game last night and stayed through half-time (but of course left soon after...). Thought I'd share some general impressions of the 'show'.

First off, no marching. The field was basically a mess when they got out there, and this is like the end-of-band-camp performance. They played 2 songs, which of course I don't remember...or shouldn't spell. The feel is the usual groove feel, but more of a swing to it. Nice. There's going to be a drum break as well that they didn't play (I think), and a reprise.

Overall, the music seemed nice, it was the first performance so they were lacking in dynamics. Cody is an awesome drum major! He really sold his stuff. And of course, Kendra rocks. Next time I go (which probably won't be for a while...$5 is alot in my world), I'm sure it'll be even better.
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